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Living Room
5 Sets(Min. Order)
Living Room
Sectional Sofa
Removable Cover
$650.00 - $670.00/Set
5 Sets(Min. Order)
50 Sets(Min. Order)
5 Pieces(Min. Order)

Bed,Mattress and Sofa is our main product. In China, Foshan City is a large furniture manufacturer base. There is a company mainly producing mattresses, sofas, sofa-beds (fabric and leather) series and office chairs - Foshan City Golden Furniture Co., Ltd. Marketing channels spread all over Guangdong Province, even all over the country. All products are sold to Japan, America, Europe, and the Middle East.

In 2005, we have rebuilt a modern management pattern, managing to attain a favorable second undertaking. We succeed in developing new products - compressed spring mattresses and vacuum pack mattress and developing all kinds of products into different series mattresses. We provide the most comfortable, health and professional sleeping with high quality to our customers.

In 2006, we begun to energetically carry out the "Just In Time" mode of production, improving the speed of response continuous supply so that can save a lot of storage and reduce the production cost efficiently. At the same time, we imported ISO9001-2000 quality-monitoring system and quality certificate. Strengthen the management of the quality of product and service to ensure the products quality. On the other hand, we set about the marketing strategy, products combination, market channel association in order to get more efficient enterprise strategy resources and entry into a continuous healthy developing orbit. At the same time, we will apply the ERD management system overall that conformity inner management resource. Establishing an E-commerce platform, meet a new round of development peak.

In 2007, in order to enlarge our company strength and develop more and more series, we have success in buying up Gaodi Furniture (specialized in producing soft fabrics and real leather beds) .

The reason we have success today should thanks to all Golden friends and customers who always care and support us. To meet the popular different needs, establish a well known brand in mattress field is our source of power.

Management personnel and all staffs make a joint effort with the vigorous support from all friends, Golden will certainly to win a glorious victory!